Unleash your brand's digital potential

Woofy's visual calendar allows you to deploy content with ease and unmatched simplicity. Simply tap your date(s) followed by choosing a single post or setting up a campaign using one of your baskets. You can also choose to publish content without a fixed recurrence. The freedom and power to own your content strategy is NOW!

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Social listening made simple.

See exactly who is talking about your brand and where they are. This allows you to target by location and demographic, push content to key audiences, and deal with any negative press that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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Analytics that are as powerful as they are beautiful.

Get visual insights into exactly how you are performing as a brand, and see actionable metrics on how to improve. With 1 click export you can send clients either a PDF or a link to the live analytics that update in real time.

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What makes Woofy the right choice for your business?

Smart Hashtags

Woofy selects hashtags based on images and content. As a result, you get in front of the right audience everytime. By analyzing your social media account(s), your industry and what’s trending, it can automatically suggest and even add hashtags to any post on any of your platform.

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Plan your campaigns by adding new and exciting content to your library. Take content straight from the discover section, RSS feeds, or upload your own. This section will help you add and manage social media campaigns (including individual posts).

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Woofy looks at when your followers are most active as well as your industry on each social media account. This ensures that you're always posting at the best time to reach your audience.

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Features you can not miss today.

Become the super hero you always wanted to become with these kick ass features to boost your social media and content marketing strategies!

Marketing in the 21st century:

As the social media industry becomes more and more cluttered with noise, Woofy helps you find out how to take control of your brand's digital identity while maximizing your engagement. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Smart Campaigns

With a smart campaign, all you have to do is set your goal, pick your content and tell Woofy how long your campaign(s) should run. Woofy’s backend will then choose what times, dates, accounts, trending hashtags, and even images to ensure the best engagement for your company. Woofy's artificial intelligence handles all the grunt work giving you the freedom to focus on your content.

Visual Analytics

Plan your campaigns by adding new and exciting content to your library. Take content straight from the discover section, RSS feeds, or upload your own. This section will help you add and manage social media campaigns (including individual posts).

Discover New and Exciting Handpicked Content

Woofy’s algorithms select content based on your interests, your business's industry, what's trending, and what type of content your audience has been most responsive to historically. The best part: Woofy’s machine learning adapts as your company grows so you never miss a beat.

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Woofy’s interface is beautifully crafted with the goal of a sleek yet friendly user experience.

See the difference today.

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  • 5000 calendar entries
  • Advanced analytics (coming soon)

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Discover Content 
Publish like a pro!

Discover handpicked content just for you. Through Woofy's discovery section, you can find content that has been selected based on your industry, your followers, what's trending and your past performance.

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Add to your baskets.
Or Publish in the moment.

Organizing and publishing your content has never been easier. With Woofy's basket feature, you as a content master can categorize thousands of pieces of content in minutes. In fact, find new and exciting content from all your favorite publishers in seconds too!

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Meet the team

Arjun Rai

Co-Founder and CEO

Matthew Friedberg

Co-Founder and CFO

AJ Smith


Amanda Figueroa

Office Manager and HR

Michal Lyskawinski

Head of AI and ML


Engineering, Marketing, Biz Dev etc.

Backed by Experienced Investors and Advisors

Ramon Ray, Smart Hustle

Neil Capel, Sailthru

Josh Ogle, Samples.com

Glenn Argenbright, Quake Capital

Michael Gibson, 1517 Fund

Danielle Strachman , 1517 Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you support?

We currently use Facebook and twitter during our closed beta. We fully expect to have LinkedIn and Instagram up and running for our open beta in the next few weeks.

Do I schedule or does Woofy?

That's a great question! You come up with the content that you want to share with your audience, and Woofy ensures that it gets in front of the right people at the right time. A campaign will choose the best times/dates/hashtags, and soon even choose the best images for you to post.

Is there an app?

Not yet. We are a mobile inspired company but the iOS and Android app can be expected in the last quarter of 2018. In the past we launched an experimental version on iOS however that app doesn't have our advance artificial intelligence built into it.'

How do I know what's working?

Woofy's analytics shows you exactly how all of your content is doing and how our proprietary algorithms are working for you! Because it’s anctionable, it helps you make real time business decisions.

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